Thursday, September 09, 2004

Visual Delights

graphic shot from revol

Thoughts ya guys would enjoy this..How's things on the high seas?

An online magazine i get, called How Magazine featured Revol Magazine.

Its a nice visual trip into the eclectic. How described it this way, "A bicoastal brother-and-sister team head up this great on-screen magazine, which features work from artists, designers and writers from all over. The third issue was just released, and submissions are being taken for No. 4. (Our favorite article: "Embarrassingly Gay Things I Did Before the Age of Ten.") Check it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! found your site somehow (?) Im ex-navy, was stationed in Hawaii...still there now...just got out of the blue world. Cool blog btw...and Yeah, I totally feel you on the whole R&R me. I was in the gulf when the Cole got attacked...we didnt touch land for 62 days. That sucked...okay well I just wanted to say's my blog if ya wanna drop by sometime.

10:46 AM  

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