Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I Need A Brewski

Been a few days, we are hurting a little right now on band-width. I can't share our location other then we are in the gulf. Trying to get some pictures uploaded. Bandwidth! Bandwidth! Bandwidth! I will keep trying.

I would like to share this story with you. This Admiral LaFleur seems to think that all we do is bitch and complain, without saying it that is. A true politician. We all know the Navy doesn't give a shit about us as individuals, quality of life and family are just PR bullshit they use, so the general public think they care. The navy will put us where they need us when they need us. Regardless to quality of life or Morale.

Over the last 2 months I have seen 2 ports, Hawaii and Bahrain. Both of which were working ports, 8 to 12 hr days. You might say, "well thats my work week," I am talking seven days a week for 2months straight here, without a single day where I could sleep in past 5:30am. Not a single day! I understand that we are at war against terrorism, thats why I signed up. I understand that we have a job to do, I am honored to do that job BUT..

When a sailor bitch's that he would like to see some ports he's not asking for a weeks stay at the Hilton. Or no duty. Or be able to paint the town red. He is just asking for a break and a cold one. Besides the honor of defending our country and our love ones, the posters and television commercials said our feet would touch land once in awhile. Sailors don't even bitch about the money as often as they bitch about a little R&R.

Speaking of money the average sailor, single, no kids, with less then 5 yrs barely earns poverty level wages. Yes there are the medical benefits, GI Bill, and retirement after 20 years with a pension. But how about a cold brewski once in a while? No wonder retention is hurting.



Blogger Daniel said...

Travis I completely agree.

I do not make much money (enough to get by), I bitch about it on occasion, but what I personally bitch about is being a grown man being told that I have to be in by a certain time, Being told that I can not go here or here. I hate being told that I have to take three people with me and on top of that one of us has to be completely sober.

I have been to a lot of ports in 3 deployments but until now never had three months without a day off and that is the way it is looking so far 3 maybe all 6 only time will tell. All any of us really want right now is a day to relax and do absolutely nothing.

Sorry just had to bitch a little, maybe at the rate we are going are only time off might be those two little weeks at the end of deployment........Maybe?????

2:37 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I get the feel of where you are coming from. Good luck on the brewski, hell, if I were near you I'd get you a short rack!
Thanks for your service! I have two brothers who are currently serving in the Navy. Yes, I hear them bitch from time to time on pay....not receiving some of it for weeks at a time. But they do love what they do.
Thanks Sailor! You are appreciated!

3:21 PM  
Blogger Hawspipe said...

Does the navy still have beer day? Back during the first Gulf War, when we were at sea for nearly 5 months straight, the ship gave us a beer day after the first 90 consecutive days. Not much to speak of, really. The MAs hauled a few pallets of Bud onto the flight deck and every sailor and marine was issued two warm beers, which we had to drink in a cordoned off area. Two beers was just enough to give us a headache. Though on our way back to SD we pulled into Subic Bay for a week, so that was nice. One hundred times better than Manama. Hang in there, guys. Everyone back home appreciates what you're doing.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys and gals keep up the good work. I'm a former member of the Navy. Served as a signalman onboard the USS America CVA-66 in the Viet Nam conflict.
I KNOW what your talking about when you guys say you are tired of not hitting any non-working ports. Been there, done that.
Keep your spirits up by thinking about doing your time and GETTING OUT when you can.
Till then, God Bless everyone of you....

6:32 AM  

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