Wednesday, July 28, 2004

This is an 100% open website.

Nas....I don't mind at all. What is your site?

 As long as nothing violates any copywrite laws or trademark agreements, please take it.

I really hope more people see this page. Some of the guys are getting out soon they could use this as chance to network or market themselves.  If any one wants to drop a plug in there comments feel free. Web sites, job oppertunities, what ever the case might be. If someone wants to publish something they see here thats fine just don't cut the author short.  I hope all of us use this to the fullest. This is a completely open site. Please share and share a like.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

The ones we left behind

You know it's funny. A lot of people say "thank you for serving your country", some tell us how proud they are of us, or maybe simple just buy us a beer. Speaking for myself I really appreciate this. However, everytime this happens I can't help but think of my wife. She truely is the one who makes the sacrifice. Think about it. She has to pack me up and send me off to a far away land. She has to explain why Dad can't be at the last game of the season. She has to manage the budget, lets face it no one gets rich being in the military. She has to put on a big smile when people ask "Isn't hard being away from your husband for so long." Then my wfie has to say something cute like, "Oh, it just comes with the terriotory." Whell shit ya it's hard. They're not theere when the house shifts and she wonders if anything is down stairs at 3 am. When the door doesn't shut all the way and she comes home late at night by herself, and sees that it's open. How about when she can't go to sleep because there's to much room in the bed.  Don't get me wrong, this ain't no pleasure cruise. I think some times my wife is the one that needs the credit. She is the one making a house a home.  I am so happy and greatful that my wife is strong enough to be able to do all that.  Thanks honey. I love you.


Friday, July 23, 2004

Finally Here

After an long and lengthy battle with this computer i have finally been able to log in and type a little something.
  About myself, this is my last deployment, i was stationed in japan for 3 years forward deployed, then once i left there i was sent to the Glorious Denver. Now its time for me to start job hunting wink*wink*.   Thanks Caferg for setting up this blog, i think it will be a great way to keep in touch with everyone, especially once some of us part ways.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

So far so good

Well, we started this journey back at the end of May. It took us to Hawaii, pass the PI's, through Singapore, and up to the Gulf. While in the gulf we had a port of call in Bahrain. Man, was I thirsty. Jack, Jerry, myself and few other buddies indulged ourselves, in true sailor fashion, to a few cold ones and many games of pool. I had a blast. I even bought my very own "Gennie Bottle"

Whoaaa check out that grass skirt.
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---rub, rub,'on million dollars---

Our journey has been a new experince for me. I am coming up on my 4th year in the Navy and this is my first deployment. Although not all that bad, it still is not what I expected. Due to post 9/11, it's not all about going out to see the World anymore. Now we have a mission to uphold. Don't get me wrong, I still have seen somethings that will stick with me forever.

The group of guys that we have invited to share with us are quite colorful. These men are not only my peers but many of them are truely close friends. We have a lot of memories that we share. We also have a lot of memories to make.

Third and Final Round

Well, This is my third and should be my final deployment. I have completed two deployments on The USS NORMANDY and now this one on the USS DENVER. when I am done with this one, I will have been foward deployed for just over 18 months, which sucks considering I have only been Enlisted for 5 years and 2 months. I would like to thank all of my friends on here.

Really - We're just going fishing
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Especially travis for working with his dad and setting this website up. All my other friends who just want to talk and share anything exciting that is going on back in our Hometowns with our families. This deployment has been harder then my last two. When we left this time I had to look into the faces of my 12 brothers and sisters and my nephew and try and explain why I had to leave. Since they range in age from 5 to 15, it is really hard for them to understand. All they know is that I have to leave and cant see them. I also left behind the girl I plan on making my wife, She has never had to go through this and is taking it very hard. After we left in May the navy decided to tell me that I am getting shipped to South Carolina and in order to be able to take Amber with me I have to get married before i go. Which means I have a couple of weeks from the time we get back until I have to go to school to get married. It also means that I have a month or two to spent with my family before I have to leave for another three years. This all come thanks to the Navy. See the hassles that come with defending your Country.   

Second Time Around

As most of you know we are in the middle of nowhere.  Where else would you rather be right?  For some of my other friends writing in this blog, it is there first time on westpac. This is my second on the Denver and I would have to say that it was alot harder leaving this time than last. This time I leave behind my wife and ten month old son, which I've only know for six.  Its hard out here, no matter what Travis says, just kidding Travis, but friends are the only thing you have here.  Dont get me wrong alot of us have our days when we want to rip each others head off, but the more you let things get to you, the longer it seems to take to get home.  Its the little things that help you get by like, (pictures, letters, emails, phone calls, this blog).  These thing bring home to us and it lets us know why we are out here and why we want to come back home.

Talk to you guys later

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ok, We're Coming Together Now

Ah, starting to feel like home here. The Stars are coming together. I see some ,our family, coming up the path. Relax. Get comfortable with the controls. Feel yourselves around. Click away, you wont hurt anything, I have those settings off for the time being.

Ok, simple advise, be yourself! Talk to each other. About yourself. About them (whoever that might be). Talk about yourself. About your dreams. What you ate today. Talk about the guy that fell of his bar stool last night. Be funny. Be sad. Tell a joke or two. Tomorrow I will send ya'll this easy tool for including pictures in your post. Oh yea, gotta find a picture for ladies. Equal time ya know ~wink.

Check out this guys blog. His name is Mick. He remimds me of this guy i knew back in Nashville. He was known as the Godfather of Printers Alley ..which has nothing to do with printing (was a bunch of print shops way back) but is all about nightclubs and music today. Anyway, here's his blog and some excellent advise for writing in blogs. Click here for Mick's lit advise. Its short read and way cool stuff. Click it now.

See ya'll tomorrow. Thanks for coming aboard!

Dad aka Uncle Rg

Welcoming Committee

Priviledges of the USS Denver.
Welcoming Committee
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Welcome To A Sailor's Journey

Hi Travis, Becky, Aj, family and friends. Please make yourselves at home. leave us a comment or two. In the days to come we be will adding some cool stuff here, so come back often and show your support.

This is a different kind of website, its called a blog ..its a personal site just like as if we all were at home, freely being ourselves, so feel to say and do what ya want..

oh, one thing ..i just got done cleaning the carpet take off your damn shoes ...heheh ..j/k

please enjoy!

Dad Rg aka Uncle Rg

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Thanks Dad

If any of you have been in the Navy, or the military for that matter, you know how hard it is to keep in touch with love ones. Yes with e-mail, it has made it easier. Us service members know all the restrictions that come along with e-mail, cell phones, and any other instant communication device that is out there, while underway or overseas. So hopefully the few of us that will use this, it will help. Not only the deployed but also the ones back home. Maybe we can even use this to keep in touch long after our tour is up and we go our separate ways.

We owe this to my Father who found and started this for us.

Thanks Dad

Love ya

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Vintage Navy Art

testing how this will look at Sailors blog..

came out good for just testing ..we all can do a group thing at Flickr

They were recommended by both and Feedburner.

you wanna see more ..i have some really cool "we support our troops" rated R pics too? ~wink

Vintage Navy Art
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Friday, July 16, 2004

Owners of this blog

this blog belongs to Travis, Becky, Aj and friends. this blog is about a sailors tour of duty, his love for his family and  thoughts, and his family and friends love and thoughts. wheee that was a lot of "ands"..
soon on this blog you will see pictures of naval ships, sailors, their family ..and lots of cool pictures from around the world..
please take time to comment by clicking on comments and showing your support ..we will also have a tag board and much more.. this is the first day and is a work in progress by his dad ..cafeRg
please enjoy..