Thursday, December 08, 2005

Support Indie Music & Spoken Word Radio ~ BZoO Homegrown Radio

BZoO Homegrown Radio is 24/7 Live Streaming Online Radio. We offer the Independent Musician and Spoken Word Artist a way to showcase their craft, as well as an expanded network to promote themselves. Our Genre varies as with life. From Grassroots Bluegrass, Country to Urban, Hip Hop to R&B, Soul to Rock, Alternative to World, Reggae, Cajun to Folk and so forth. Our Spoken World Artist range from Street, Slam, to Academic and Free Verse. We are now including Comedy, Political Commentary (such as Human Rights and Social Justice). Add to that a little Howard Stern and the BZoO starts
to make sense.

Presently our mix is a straight line rotation, eventually we will have scheduled shows aimed at various genres.Think of us as your local neighborhood bohemian coffeehouse, that the world hangouts at. Just to weird to franchise.

The BZoO Is Free And Independent Radio, though we have many networking outlets, iTunes, PodSafe, Podcast Yahoo, GarageBand, etc. We are not affiliated with any commercial label or radio. There is and never will be any gimmicks or charges for the Independent Artist to have their music or spoken word on our live stream, spotlights or podcast that we create. Absolutely 100% FREE! To the Musician! To the Poet! To the Listener!

BZoO HomeGrown Radio is 24/7 Live Streaming and Podcast of HomeGrown - Spoken Word and Indie Music. Send us your mp3s and podcast to BZoORadio@Gmail.Com

Listen Live Streaming ~ BZOO HomeGrown Radio. Your Spoken Word, Indie Music And Talk Radio
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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Hi AJ this is granpa Rg ..trav is having a problem with his computer so he ask me to post this for him. He wishes you a Great BiG Happy Birthday and he wishes he was home to help you celebrate. But he said he would be home soon and if he got home in time for the Super Bowl he would take you there.

and from me AJ i too wish you a very Happy Birthday. i hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.. also ask mom to help you make a comment here and say hi to your dad.

Party Party :-)

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Visual Delights

graphic shot from revol

Thoughts ya guys would enjoy this..How's things on the high seas?

An online magazine i get, called How Magazine featured Revol Magazine.

Its a nice visual trip into the eclectic. How described it this way, "A bicoastal brother-and-sister team head up this great on-screen magazine, which features work from artists, designers and writers from all over. The third issue was just released, and submissions are being taken for No. 4. (Our favorite article: "Embarrassingly Gay Things I Did Before the Age of Ten.") Check it out.

Monday, September 06, 2004

In Memory ~Cole Roger Todd 1974-2004

Recently my family and I lost a very close friend, Cole was married to my
wife's cousin. He was an awesome man. Cole was a family man, he loved his
family more then anything. He has two beutiful children and he was the
ultimate Dad. From the first time I met him I just loved being around him. I
actually look up to Cole and try to model my family life after his. Cole was
my son's God Father and I was proud to know that if need be he would be
there for AJ. Cole was the go to guy, he always helped his friends when he
could. I never once heard anyone say a bad thing about Cole.

He lost his life at a young age of 30. He had a big heart to back up a big smile.
Cole was with his buddies celabrating his friend's up and coming marriage.
Cole being the outstanding person he was decide to be the "DD". I know from
past exciperance that Cole will not drink if he has to drive. As he and a
buddy were crossing the street they were hit by a car. Cole's buddy broke
his leg and Cole unfourtaintly sestained sever head trama. Cole past later
that day in the hospital.

This hits me rather hard. I am a half a world away and feel helpless. I can
not be there for my family or his family. They were very close to my wife
and I. Cole's wife and Reba grew up together. Cole and I were very much
alike. We loved family, we were huge sport fans, and only wanted the best
out of life. If it were not for Cole and his wife, my wife and I would not
have been married when we were. They were always there for us. Our two
family's always had such a good time together. I am so sorry for their loss.
I can not say this enough but Cole Todd was just an awsome man. I want his
family to know that Reba and I are just a phone call away. Whatever they
need we are here for them.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Free Gmail

anyone want a Gmail account? thats google's new email service can only get by invite right now ..and i have a handful to giveaway ..

go here to get one..

login and leave a post or comment with a first and last name and email to send it to..

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Happy Birthday Reba


I just want to tell my wife Happy Birthday and I can't wait to see you. I
miss you baby more then anything. I hope you have a great day. I love you.


Your Hubby

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Just Wanted To Say

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to write a little update. We are about half way through our
deployment. We haven't seen a whole lot of ports. Just about 4, all of them
were working ports. There was Hawaii, Bahrain, Oman, and Africa. We dropped
off our Marines. Guarded some oil wells, and boarded and inspected ships.
All in all no trouble from anyone.

It's been really hot most of the time. I figure that San Diego 70 degree weather will feel like the Northern Michigan in January by time I get back. To tell you the truth it's not what I thought it would be. I knew it was going to suck being away for so long, but it is way beyond "suck". I will definetly get out as soon as they will let me.

I have been taking college courses, working on my associates. We watch a lot
of movies, stand a lot of watches, play a lot of cards. No one wants to play
euchre, its all about Texas hold'em and spades. The food sucks, although it
does beat Mickey D's, but not by much. I cant wait to be home. I never thought
I'd say it, but I really miss Saginaw. I think just being home will be the
best Christmas ever. Well feel free to write. Talk to you all soon. Tell
everyone I don't have an e-mail address for, I said Hi.

Love ya,